Free Trial Cluster

For Open-Source Software Builds

Do you want to speed up your builds?

Then try out EngFlow’s Remote Execution offering. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to see what we can do for you. So we have set up a cluster on which you can run builds to see the difference our remote execution can make.

Request access by emailing or using the web form below. We will then send you a certificate that allows you to use the cluster for a limited time free of cost.

You can also test our software on an individual cluster or try it out on-prem. Use our separate customer signup form for such a trial.


Our trial cluster runs on GCP in a data center in London, UK (europe-west2).

Your location will affect network latency and this may negatively impact run times. When setting up your own cluster we recommend you choose a location that minimizes network latency, for example by using a data center near your office or setting up a cluster on-prem.

When using our Remote Execution Service, we factor in your location to determine the best setup for optimal performance.

Features and Limitations

The trial cluster showcases our managed offering running a scaled-back version of our product. If you want to try the full set of production-ready capabilities our remote execution has to offer, contact us for a custom trial.

  • Supports Remote Execution API 2.0
  • Supports autoscaling between 10 and 50 machines
  • Includes dual-core executors
  • Authentication via TLS certificates
    • Requires Bazel 3.2.0 or later
    • EngFlow’s server root certificate available on GitHub
    • Client certificate sent to you upon requesting access
  • Docker execution limited to images on – let us know if you need specific images
  • Prohibits directly writing to the cache
    • Executed actions write to the cache, reading is allowed
  • Prohibits internet access for individual actions run on the cluster

Usage Instructions

Check out our example repository on GitHub, It also includes documentation for building open-source projects such as Selenium and TensorFlow.

Terms of Use

  • Use of this cluster is meant for testing and experimentation purposes only and limited to such. Any commercial or production use is prohibited.
  • You must be granted a certificate by EngFlow GmbH prior to use. This certificate must not be shared with others.
  • Projects built using this cluster shall be open-source. Do not upload proprietary source code. We do not guarantee that uploaded source code is inaccessible to other users.
  • You must not execute bitcoin mining or similar operations.
  • You must not reverse engineering our software, nor subvert or exploit it.
  • Issues found, in particular security issues, must be reported to EngFlow GmbH at least 24 hours before discussing them publicly.
  • The results of your trial are considered confidential information. You shall notify us before and we need to consent to publishing any results of the trial of our software and allow us 2 weeks to remediate any issues before publishing.
  • We may shut down or modify the cluster and/or your access thereto at any time without prior notice.
  • We have no liability for any loss, damage, or misappropriation of your code or data provided under any circumstances.

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