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The Power of our Remote Execution Service

EngFlow's Remote Execution in action

Software developers typically build source code on their local machines. Our remote execution service distributes such builds across a cluster of machines. This can speed up builds by a factor of ten and more. We support all clients that implement the open-source Remote Execution API, including Bazel, BuildStream, Goma Server, Pants, and Recc.

Our developers and maintainers are build experts with decades of experience working with large-scale build infrastructure.

You can use our managed service or self-manage and license our product with support. We offer deployments on-prem or in the cloud (such as GCP and AWS), other deployments on request. Contact us for a custom quote.

Founding Team


Helen Altshuler

Co-Founder and Advisor

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Helen is a senior engineering executive with 20 years of software development, start-up CTO, and director of engineering experience at Google, PeerIQ and J.P. Morgan. She currently manages software engineering for Google Maps data platform, and is a trusted startup and CTO advisor with CapitalG and Techstars.

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Ulf is an expert software engineer and manager. He holds an MS in Computer Science from Stanford University and worked more than ten years for Google. There, he led the development and open-sourcing of Bazel.

Ulf Adams

Co-Founder and CEO


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