Faster CI workflow with
CI Runners

Continuous Integration (CI) helps catch bugs early, but can hamper development processes if it is slow.
EngFlow CI Runners deliver fast and reliable CI workflows. They are easy to maintain and reduce cloud costs by around 50%.


Integrations for seamless migrations
CI Runners automatically work with GitHub Actions and Buildkite, so you don’t need to rewrite your workflows. More integrations coming soon!
Faster CI with warm Bazel
CI Runners keep both a warm Bazel instance and a warm Bazel cache. Warm Bazel instances can shorten the start-up time of your CI jobs by minutes. You can expect even more significant speed-ups when the right cached artifacts are available to speed up the CI jobs.
Reliable results with EngFlow
Managed by EngFlow, this solution makes your CI job results reliable and boosts your engineers’ productivity.
Network-optimized remote execution
CI Runners are hosted in your EngFlow cluster, so you get the efficiency gains of being located next to remote execution and caching instances together with the cost savings of self-hosted runners.
Reduce cloud spend with auto-scaling
Backed by EngFlow’s unique auto-scaling for Bazel builds and tests, CI Runners are scaled down when not in use. You don’t pay when you’re not using them and are likely to see cost improvement of around 50%.

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