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Bazel is an open-source, multi-language build system released by Google.

We improve Bazel for our customers

EngFlow is the only company founded by engineers who created Bazel. We create reliable, secure and scalable software, and have the expertise to debug and accelerate your builds and tests.
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Not using Bazel yet?

No matter where you are in your journey, we can help. We offer a fully managed Bazel, from migrating to Bazel to running Bazel as a service for making your builds and tests blazing fast.
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Open-Source Contributions

As Bazel community experts, we upstream changes we make for our customers to improve Bazel for everyone.
Bazel had no option to build on one platform and run on another one. With EngFlow’s changes to Bazel we can now run cross-compiler builds. This has simplified and stabilized our Arm64 builds, and has made runs an hour faster.
Blue River Technology
Bhanu Kaithe, Lead DevOps Engineer

Further examples

We are actively working on multiple Bazel improvements, including: remote persistent workers, Java coverage, Kotlin rules, and C++ Include scanning.
We are code owners of bazelbuild/bazel’s remote execution and bazelbuild/remote-apis, and co-maintainers of bazelbuild/rules_proto, bazelbuild/rules_kotlin and Bazel Chocolatey. We develop and contribute to various other Bazel projects, including bazelbuild/rules_go and RE SDK.
EngFlow’s Bazel Invocation Analyzer extracts data from a Bazel profile and generates recommendations for performance improvements. An alternative to the included command line interface is the Web UI available at
Our contributions go beyond Bazel.
Other open-source projects we improve include Envoy, gRPC, Selenium, and Soong.

More about EngFlow’s platform

Remote Execution

Make builds & tests faster: distribute them and remotely cache results.

Build and Test UI

View build and test results in your browser and share them with others.

Bazel Invocation Analyzer

Get free, automatic recommendations to optimize your Bazel performance.