Accelerated Bazel Migration Toolkit

Migrations are often difficult, but they don’t have to be. EngFlow will help you migrate the right way.
In the first six weeks:
  • your developer productivity teams will be trained,
  • your EngFlow cluster will be up and running, and
  • you will have confidence in your migration strategy.
For the rest of the year you will use EngFlow’s products and services, including quarterly check-ins.


Bazel Migration Launch
EngFlow Toolkit &
Quarterly Implementation Reviews

Bazel Migration Launch

For six weeks, EngFlow will work shoulder-to-shoulder with your team to assess and plan out the migration. Features of a Bazel Migration Launch include:

Bazel Bootcamp and EngFlow Developer Productivity Expert courses

Ensures your team has the required capabilities to embark on the path ahead.

Migration Boost

Our experts will leverage their extensive migration experience to design the best path forward for your codebase and your team.

Accelerate with Remote Caching

Speed up builds and tests across your team to boost their productivity.

EngFlow Toolkit: cloud-based with expert support

For the remainder of the year, experience the advantages of using EngFlow’s products and services:

Build and Test UI

Debug, optimize and share build and test results. Get automatic suggestions with each build and test, so that your team can continually optimize them for performance and cost.

Remote caching

Speed up incremental builds across your team.

Migration tools

Leverage EngFlow’s extensive migration experience.

Remote execution

Test your compatibility to distribute actions across a cluster of machines as you migrate code.

Quarterly Implementation Reviews

EngFlow will help keep you on track with support and recommendations:

Migration review and goal validation

Course-correct if things change along the way.

Best practices and high-ROI next step recommendations

Ensures that your team is using Bazel in the most cost-effective and successful way.

More training

Profit from knowledge transfer, including a Bootcamp on advanced topics.

Bazel Migration Launch: Weekly Overview

Week 1

EngFlow delivers

EngFlow Kickoff & Education

You receive

  • Knowledge and confidence in your approach
  • Access to Developer Support
Weeks 2–3

EngFlow delivers

Migration Boost
  • Migration path defined
  • CI Strategy defined

You receive

The blueprint for your first migration steps.
Week 4

EngFlow delivers

EngFlow Cluster Ramp-Up
  • EngFlow cluster created
  • EngFlow Config: proof of concept integrated with EngFlow cluster

You receive

  • EngFlow Build and Test UI: insight into your builds, including automated suggestions for migration best practices and optimized cost and performance via EngFlow and Bazel profile analyzer
  • EngFlow Remote Caching: save time and money
  • EngFlow Remote Execution: test your compatibility with remote execution
Weeks 5–6

EngFlow delivers

Tuning Phase
  • Continue migrating targets
  • Tune and adjust remote execution
  • Enable local workloads, if desired

You receive

Efficiency: Your EngFlow cluster will be optimized for cost and performance of remote caching, as well as for remote execution compatibility testing.

EngFlow delivers

EngFlow Bazel Implementation Review

You receive

Conclusion report with best practices, migration wrap up recommendations, and recommendations for optimized performance with remote caching and remote execution

Additional customizations available

Larger Remote Execution Cluster

Accelerate your builds and tests with a larger remote execution cluster

CI Runners

Optimize CI performance/cost

Other deployments

Self-managed, cloud or on-prem

Custom migration or tuning development

Via EngFlow & consulting partners

More about EngFlow’s platform

Remote Execution

Make builds & tests faster: distribute them and remotely cache results.

Build and Test UI

View build and test results in your browser and share them with others.

Bazel for you

We improve Bazel for you and the community.