Case Study

Brave Chromium builds with EngFlow Remote Execution are 8x faster. Individual developers no longer need recent and expensive hardware for builds.

About Brave

Brave is a browser company on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster and better browsing experience. From networking to UI and from the renderer to the HTML/CSS, browsers are made up of over 30 million lines of code and require compiling tens of thousands of files.

In their blog post Brave shared multiple challenges they addressed to improve their development process. An integral component was moving their builds to EngFlow’s remote execution offering.


From 2 hours down to 15 minutes

Slow build times kill productivity

Brave has been on a journey to automate and improve their browser build process for years. Developing incrementally, building and running unit and integration tests takes engineers hours and requires context switching, making the feedback cycle slow. On top of that, hardware differs across developers and local builds are non-reproducible or not suitable for QA.

8x faster builds with EngFlow

With EngFlow Remote Execution, Brave’s Linux and macOS Chromium builds are now distributed across hundreds of cores – instead of the 4 to 16 cores of a single local machine. The EngFlow remote execution cluster additionally allows sharing compiled objects between developers, reducing unnecessary, repetitive building. All builds are also hermetic and reproducible.

At Brave, EngFlow speeds up builds by 8x, from hours to even under 15 minutes, regardless of geographic location.
Mihai Plesa
DevOps Manager @ Brave Software

Saving big bucks on developer hardware

Offloading the builds from local developer machines to the remote execution cluster has also lessened the requirements for developer machine. This enables considerable savings for developer hardware purchases.

We no longer need expensive but underutilized developer machines. We now have a shared cluster for our remote Linux and macOS developers to use.
Mihai Plesa
DevOps Manager @ Brave Software

Faster time-to-market: happier customers, happier developers

Brave provides over 30 million users a seamless browser experience. With EngFlow, Brave can now scale the development process and ship features faster while also keeping developers happy.

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