Case Studies

Learn about the value other companies and organizations experienced with EngFlow in these case studies.
Wix migrated from another commercial remote execution provider to EngFlow with zero downtime and reduced their cloud costs by 20%.



BMW Group improved their build speed by using EngFlow Remote Execution and projected cloud costs savings of 52%.



Brave Chromium builds with EngFlow Remote Execution are 8x faster. Individual developers no longer need recent and expensive hardware for builds.


From 2 hours down to 15 minutes
Blue River Technology builds with EngFlow Remote Execution are 9x faster. Developers can now share specialized hardware at scale.


From 3 hours down to 20 minutes
Envoy Mobile builds up to 10x faster using EngFlow Remote Execution. Open-source contributors get faster presubmits and can share results using EngFlow Build and Test UI.


From 2 hours down to 20 minutes
Viasat builds Chromium with EngFlow Remote Execution in one hour instead of the previous 24 hours. Developer productivity is up and security release times are down with every Chromium release.


From 24 hours down to 1 hour

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