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Build faster remotely

When building software, you can’t afford to waste time waiting.

EngFlow’s remote caching and remote execution speed up your builds and tests.

Blue River Technology

From 3 hrs
down to 20 mins

9x faster

From 24 hrs
down to 1 hour

24x faster

Build and Test UI

EngFlow’s Build and Test UI surfaces all of the build data available for an invocation, no matter whether you executed it locally or remotely.

Invocations are also indexed, so you can search through them and perform cross-invocation analysis.

Console view
Investigate the console output to debug your invocations.
Test results
View test results based on the XML file your tests produce.
Invocation Search
Search through running and past invocations using different filters.
Discover trends across invocations and identify samples.

Your code

No matter which programming languages you use in your projects, remote caching and remote execution can speed up your builds and tests.

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