EngFlow’s Countdown to 2023

by Helen Altshuler, EngFlow co-founder & CEO
on December 30th, 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, we’re counting down to 2023 with these 10 accomplishments:

EngFlow team, customers and Bazel community friends
EngFlow team, customers and Bazel community friends
  1. Customers

    Onboarded a number of large enterprises, with code bases as large as 23m LoC, including customers like Canva, Viasat, a major automaker, autonomous driving, financial services and robotics companies, achieving exponential growth in ARR.
  2. Education

    Educated our customers and Bazel users and contributors on Bazel’s advanced topics at EngFlow Customers & Friends meetups in San Francisco @ Mux and London @ Wayve.
  3. Community

    Enhanced the BazelCon experience with the Bazel Community Day beginner training and advanced workshops in New York @ Datadog in partnership with Aspect and sponsorship from Spotify and Tweag.
  4. BazelCon

    Shared our expertise with the Bazel community by delivering 4 talks at BazelCon:
  5. Funding

    Announced our Series A funding and partnered on growth strategy with our investors Tiger Global, Andreessen Horowitz, firstminute Capital, and angels such the former CEO/co-founder of GitHub, the CEO of Cockroach Labs, the CFO of Snowflake, and the CEO of Gremlin.
  6. Team

    Doubled our team size, bringing in industry experts from Google, Square, Hashicorp, VMware, LinkedIn, BuildKite, Lacework, Improbable, including authors and maintainers of Gazelle, rules_go, rules_kotlin, RE SDK.
  7. Platform Buildout

    Advanced our core platform capabilities, including Build and Test UI, distributed caching, scalability and supportability features, and optimized cloud compute use and reduced cloud costs for our customers, recognized in this AWS article.
  8. Global Reach

    Established a new Colombia entity and recruited local talent, investing in developing a strong engineering pipeline. We are now a globally remote company with 3 legal entities: US (parent) and Germany and Colombia subsidiaries, and employees all over the world.
  9. Collaboration

    Gathered our full global team together in Madeira and Iceland, investing in our team growth and building great working relationships (and got unexpected coverage from a local reporter).
  10. Open Source

    Productized our Bazel expertise as the Bazel Invocation Analyzer open-source project (GitHub repo, web tool, BazelCon talk), giving every developer using Bazel a free tool for optimizing builds and tests, and creating a foundation for further advanced analysis and automation.

Looking ahead to 2023, we plan to advance our product capabilities, enter new markets, continue to invest in core Bazel functionality and share our expertise with the Bazel community. Express your interest in attending a Bazel Meetup near you!

Happy New Year from the EngFlow Team!