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Learn about upcoming events that will be hosted by the Build Community.

Build Meetup
20 Oct 2023 - Reykjavík, Iceland

Reykjavík, Iceland
The Build Meetup brings together developers driving the direction of RE API and includes contributors to Bazel, Buck2, Pants, Buildstream, Please and occasional homegrown build systems!
Committee: George Gensure (Buildfarm creator), Neil Mitchell (Buck2 co-creator), Yuriy Belenitsky (Aurora), Unnar Freyr Erlendsson (EngFlow), Helen Altshuler (EngFlow), Chris Phang (Codethink), Ed Schouten (Buildbarn creator)

BazelCon Community Day
23 Oct 2023 - Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany
The BazelCon Community Day is a community driven event in its 6th year (started by Bloomberg and Codethink) and includes talks from attendees, advanced workshops from Bazel contributors and experts, unconference style discussions, beginner bootcamp, and networking over food and drinks.
This year’s event is co-organized by EngFlow & Tweag, hosted by Salesforce, and happy hour is sponsored by Gradle.

BazelCon Games Night
24 Oct 2023 - Munich, Germany

Playing Cards
EngFlow and JetBrains partnered to bring you the first ever BazelCon Game Night!
Join us at the JetBrains Munich office after BazelCon Day 1, connect with your peers from other companies, and enjoy the drinks & food!

Time: 6pm - 8pm CEST
Location: JetBrains Event Space, Christoph-Rapparini-Bogen 23
Detailed schedules for the events will be posted by 30 Sep 2023.

High level schedule and additional relevant events you may consider

Build Meetup, followed by drinks20 Oct, 11am–5pmReykjavík, Iceland
Build Meetup Icelandic Adventure Day21 Oct, 8am–9pmReykjavík, Iceland
BazelCon Community Day at Salesforce23 Oct, 2pm–8pmMunich, Germany
BazelCon24–25 OctMunich, Germany
BazelCon Games Night24 Oct, 6pm–8pmMunich, Germany
PackagingCon26–27 OctBerlin, Germany
PackagingCon Sprint Day28 OctBerlin, Germany
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