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EngFlow is a people-focused, fast-growing SaaS tech startup

We create roles around individual interests and experience instead of having predetermined roles.

People can grow with roles and roles can grow with people.

Everyone in the team learns from each other. We hire people who can share their expert skill with the team and learn a new skill from others.

We currently focus on building a great product and partnering with top customers worldwide.

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EngFlow video conference
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More about us


We are engineers, tech evangelists, and leaders located in Munich and New York, and will have a global footprint in other locations as we grow. We have diverse interests, ranging from hiking, juggling, board gaming, playing instruments, painting, improv and more. We are always learning something new.


We are passionate about helping engineers build better-tested software and making the development fun. We do so by giving them tools that help them stay in flow. This includes remote execution to parallelize their builds, as well as other products to simplify debugging and gaining visibility into what they’re building.


We use a variety of technologies (Java, C++, Python, JavaScript) and open-source software (e.g. Bazel, Git, gRPC, Kubernetes, Packer, Terraform) to get the job done. We partner with major cloud providers, and are innovating with the latest and greatest tools and stack to build scalable, reliable software.