Visible build results with
Build and Test UI

Build and test results are usually dumped to the console.
Our Build and Test UI lets you:
  • find out why your builds and tests fail,
  • share your build and test results with others for debugging,
  • review historical data to discover trends,
  • and analyze your runs to optimize your builds and tests.



Access results anywhere, any time
Review your build and test results on various devices, be it your workstation, laptop — or one of your colleague’s. It’s a game-changer for collaborating remotely.
Find what you need right away
Console output is verbose and convoluted. We split data into views to highlight what you’re looking for. Just in case, one view includes the full console output, streamed live as your builds and tests run.
Discover trends with historical data
We store your build and test metadata. Comparing previous runs allows a more-indepth analysis, and can surface trends.
Get automatic suggestions and more
We surface more than just the data included in the console output. For example, profiles and critical paths help optimize builds. We display these and offer automatic suggestions on how to speed up your builds and tests.
Reproduce runs with invocation details
Build and test setups vary on machines. We provide the invocation details for each execution, such as platform, git branch and commit, and implicit and explicit flags set. This lets you reproduce a run, both for debugging and for recreating a prior release.

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