Faster builds with
Remote Execution

Software developers typically build source code and run tests on their local machines. EngFlow Remote Execution distributes builds and tests across a cluster of machines and remotely caches the results to make them faster.
Blue River Technology

From 3 hrs
down to 20 mins

9x faster
Top-5 automaker

From 1.5 hrs
down to 19 mins

5x faster
Brave Software

From 2 hrs
down to 15 mins

8x faster
Faster builds and tests from three customers using different build systems


Fully managed or self-managed, in the cloud or on-prem
We support all clients that implement the open-source Remote Execution API, including Bazel, BuildStream, Reclient (Chromium), Goma Server (Chromium), Pants, Please, Recc, and Soong (AOSP).
Eliminate maintenance overhead with our fully managed solution in the cloud of your choice. You can also self-manage your remote execution cluster in the cloud or on-prem.
Fast builds always, everywhere
Our fully managed solution guarantees an availability of 99.9%. If you are self-managing, we offer customer support with flexible coverage options.
We integrate with monitoring tools like Prometheus, Google Cloud Operations (formerly known as Stackdriver), and CloudWatch.
Google Cloud Operations
Amazon CloudWatch
Your builds protected
We do not share infrastructure between customers. We support various security features, including: running actions in separate VPCs, hermetic builds with gVisor, shielded VMs, and customer-managed encryption keys.
EngFlow undergoes regular third-party audits to certify compliance with the five SOC 2 principles: Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy.
Remote persistent workers eliminate overhead
By keeping processes running for similar builds and tests, we save time otherwise needed for launching the compiler, re-reading input files, etc.
Remote caching supercharges incremental builds
We cache build and test results and reuse them whenever possible, no matter whether the cache entries were created by your own or a colleague’s invocation.
Auto-scaling speeds up builds while lowering costs off-peak
Our fully distributed software allows you to increase the number of machines to handle larger builds and more users. You can configure the number of available CPU cores, memory, and other resources.
When there’s little load on your Remote Execution cluster, we can automatically power down machines — or add more on the fly when load is high.

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